Clamping Systems for Pipes, Tubes, Hoses, Cables and Components; Custom-Designed Special Clamps

Measuring Systems for Monitoring, Control and Venting of Fluid and Gaseous Pressure Test Systems;  Sampling of Fluid and Gaseous Media

2-Way Ball Valves
3-Way Ball Valves
4-Way Ball Valves
Ball Valve Combinations
Manifold Mounting Valves
Cartridge Assembly Valves
Custom-Designed Valves
Accessories + Options

Filter Systems for the Initial and Subsequent Equipment of Mobile and Industrial Hydraulic Applications; Wide Range of Replacement Filter Elements


Components and Services
for the Monitoring and
Analysis of Hydraulic Fluids
for the Mobile and Industrial
Hydraulic Industry

Wide Range of Components
for the Construction of
Hydraulic Tanks, Reservoirs
and Power Units for the
Mobile and Industrial
Hydraulic Industry